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Emily's Place to partner with Plano toy store The Toy Tree this holiday season

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

By Chloe Grace Crissman

For years, Debbie Sanders and her family have supported Emily’s Place by cooking

Sunday dinners, teaching table etiquette, and showing up with a smile and an ear to listen.

In October, Sanders opened The Toy Tree, a toy store offering gifts for all ages. As the holiday season approaches, Sanders and Emily’s Place are working together once again to provide the children of Emily’s Place with gifts. Through the partnership, The Toy Tree will provide gift cards that Emily’s Place moms can use for the Santa gifts their children will receive. Brynn Bruno, the executive director of Emily’s Place, says the partnership will help offer an equally valuable gift to their mothers -- the opportunity to shop for their children’s presents themselves. “We are so excited to empower our moms and allow them to have the chance to play Santa Claus,” says Bruno. “This is often the first time a mom has been able to do so due to her abuser.” This holiday season, support The Toy Tree and Emily’s Place shared mission of transforming lives by donating or coming in-store to shop.

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