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March Camp Emily: Mickey Mouse and more

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Camp Emily began in 2021 as a weeklong summer camp for the children of Emily’s Place residents and graduates. Since then, the Camp Emily program has expanded to include monthly mini camps -- daylong outings and events. The March camp this year was a great day spent indoors and out. An immersive experience at CAMP! Dallas on Walnut Hill with Mickey Mouse and friends started the day. The children enjoyed exploring a world where popcorn was the size of basketballs, the letters in alphabet soup were bigger than their heads, they could seesaw on a tube of toothpaste, and so much more. After leaving this larger-than-life world, the kids finished their visit to CAMP! Dallas with a limbo dance party and the chance to create some Schlutz, aka slime. Next came lunch at Hat Creek with a final stop playing football, frisbee, and Jinga. It was a great day that ended with full hearts and tired bodies!

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