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Transitional Housing

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increase in domestic
violence-related homicides
in Texas during
COVID-19 pandemic.

Texas Council on Family Violence



women killed by an intimate partner in Texas in 2020.


Texas Council on Family Violence





incidents of family violence responded to by Texas
law enforcement
in 2020.

Texas Council on Family Violence

A Safe Space

Women come to Emily’s Place to find a safe space to rebuild their lives.
Upon arrival, they stay in Level 1 community housing. These group homes
offer a family-like environment with communal living spaces and a private suite for each family as well as 24-hour support staff and security. Residents stay in our communal homes for up to two years, which gives them the time they need to achieve financial stability and find long-term housing. 

Emily’s Place offers domestic violence survivors a safe place to rebuild their lives. 

To apply, click on the button below and complete the resident application form.


Once the form is submitted, staff will contact eligible applicants to schedule an interview.

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